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General Terms and Conditions for renting a motorcycle from

These general Terms and Conditions refer to and regulate the motorcycle rental service from, reserved via online reservation form through the website and constitute an integral part of the rental agreement. By signing them, the renter certifies that he is fully aware of all the terms and conditions and the obligations arising from them. Upon refusal of the Renter to sign the General Terms and Conditions, the Lessor is obliged to refuse the motorcycle rental service and has the right to make financial claims for lost profits due to the Renter’s fault.

Conditions for using the motorcycles:
Users of the motorcycle rental service may only be persons over the age of 21 who hold valid documents (identity card, passport, driver’s license, blue control card) and driving experience of at least 2 years for the respective category (A1 , A2). For motorcycles requiring a valid driving license cat. A, the minimum age of the Renter is 23 years. Qualified persons who do not have the necessary driving experience for the respective category may take advantage of the motorcycle rental service only upon prior written request to the Lessor and with a higher insurance deposit which is determined individually according to the request by the Lessor.

Requests and reservations:
The request for use of the motorcycle rental service is considered valid if it has been made minimum of 72 hours in advance via the online booking form on the website of and a reservation deposit of 10% of the amount due for the whole rental period has been paid . The reservation deposit serves as a guarantee for the reservation of the respective motorcycle and is deducted from the total rental price of the service. If the Renter fails to pay this deposit 48 hours before the start of the rental period, the reservation is considered unverified and may be canceled by the Lessor at any time and without prior notice.

Change/cancellation of reservation:
Change or cancellation of an already made and confirmed reservation is possible only if it is made within 48 hours before receiving the booked motorcycle and has been confirmed by the Lessor at the specified contact email provided by the Lessee. The already paid reservation deposit is non-refundable when the Renter fails to appear or cancels the reservation less than 48 hours before the start of the rental period. In case of a refund to the Renter, this shall be done after deducting all administrative and bank charges from the amount paid. Upon second change of an already accepted and confirmed reservation, the Renter owes a fee of EUR 25.

Rental period and rental prices:
The rented motorcycle is provided for the time specified in the signed contract, with a minimum rental period of 24 hours. The prices of the service are published on the website and are valid at the moment of the request made by the Renter. The price is confirmed as part of the acceptance procedure.
If the Renter has delayed the return of the motorcycle by more than 60 minutes to the time specified in the rental agreement, the Renter shall pay a penalty in the amount of one day of rent, according to the agreed daily rate payable upon return of the motorcycle.
Extension of the rental period is only possible with the express consent of the Lessor, and the Renter is obliged to notify this minimum 24 hours in advance and to receive a written confirmation from the Lessor to the e-mail for the contact. The Renter is obliged to pay the price for the new rental period before the start of the extended period.
Reducing the rental period is possible with at least 24 hour notice from the Renter and written confirmation from the Lessor. In this case, the rental price is not subject to recalculation and return.
Delivery of a motorcycle in Sofia-city has a fixed price of 15 Euro. The delivery price of a location other than Sofia-city is subject to negotiation and may require a minimum rental period.

Methods of payment and deposit:
The full rental price and the full amount of the insurance deposit have to be paid before the start of the rental period, at the pick-up of the motorcycle or by bank transfer at least 24 hours in advance. If the Renter does not pay the full value of the rental price or the insurance deposit, the reservation is considered invalid and canceled due to Renter’s fault and the Lessor refuses to provide the motorcycle rental service and withholds the reservation deposit.
The full rental price and the insurance deposit are paid by bank transfer, via a credit / debit card via the PayPal secure payment system or in cash upon delivery of the motorcycle before signing the rental agreement. All online payments are made through PayPal security system and are protected by SSL security technologies. is not responsible for any fraud or unauthorized use of credit / debit cards by third parties!
The insurance deposit serves as a guarantee for the responsible use of the motorcycle by the Renter and the execution of all his obligations under the signed contract as well as compensation in case of non-execution or damage. The insurance deposit shall be reimbursed in full upon termination of the contract if the motorcycle is returned in the same technical and visual condition as it has been received.

The rental price does not include fuel. The Renter is obliged to return the motorcycle with the same amount of fuel he has received it. Otherwise, the missing fuel is paid at a price of 3.00 BGN / liter.

Pick-up and return of the motorcycle:
The motorcycle is delivered to the Renter in good technical condition and appearance, for which the two parties sign an inspection report and acceptance protocol which are an integral part of the contract. When returning the motorcycle, its technical condition and appearance must correspond to that reflected in the acceptance report. Prior to handing over, the Renter and the Lessor shall examine the technical and visual condition of the motorcycle together before signing the rental agreement. The Renter certifies with his signature that he is fully aware of the condition of the motorcycle and is obliged to return it to the same technical and visual condition. Upon refusal by the Renter to sign a pick-up protocol for the return of the motorcycle, it shall be signed by the Lessor certifying the refusal and the findings made in the acceptance report and these findings bind the Renter and the signed protocol shall constitute as a valid proof in any litigation.
The motorcycle is delivered at the time and place specified in the reservation. Upon pick-up, the Renter is required to provide a valid ID / Passport, a valid driver’s license for the relevant motorcycle category and a valid credit card on his behalf if the payment is made through it. If the Renter fails to provide all necessary documents, the application is considered canceled by Renter’s fault and the latter owes the Lessor compensation resulting in the full amount of the reservation.
The Renter is obliged to return the motorcycle within the agreed time, date and place specified in the rental agreement. is not responsible for any losses that the Renter may suffer due to a delay of the return of the motorcycle!
Failure to return the rented motorcycle for more than 24 hours from the expiration time of the agreement is considered a misappropriation of the motorcycle and the Lessor is entitled to inform the police authorities about the action of the Renter. In this case, the Renter is obliged to pay a rent until the final return of the motorcycle as per the rates agreed in the rental agreement.

Duties and responsibilities of the Renter:
The Renter is obliged to use the motorcycle for its intended purpose and with due diligence
To return the rented motorcycle in the technical and visual condition in which it was received without any missing or damaged parts and with a loaded tank
To take care to keep the motorcycle in good condition by carrying out all activities that are urgent and necessary in order to preserve the technical and visual condition of the motorcycle
To ensure that the motorcycle is protected from harm and prevent damage by obliging himself to leave the rented motorcycle only at secured and guarded parking places or garages at its own expense and under its own responsibility.
To refuel the motorcycle only with suitable and qualitative fuels and to monitor the engine’s normal operation, oil level, coolant level and brake fluid, and in case of deviations, to perform the necessary care obligations and immediately notify the Lessor and strictly to follow and fulfill his instructions
To keep the documents and the keys of the motorcycle during the stay and when parking
The Renter is fully responsible for all violations of the traffic regulations and obligations and in case of violations committed by him when using the rented motorcycle, he is obliged to pay all fines and penalties imposed during the use of the motorcycle.
The Renter is liable for any damage that he has caused to third parties during the use of the motorcycle during the rental period
The Renter is fully responsible for the disposal of the rented motorcycle to third persons, not a party of the rental agreement
The Renter is not entitled to use the rented motorcycle or allowed its use to:
A person under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or other intoxicants
For competitions, trainings, tests, trials, training, sporting events and off-road driving
For making criminal acts
For the transport of dangerous good
For the transfer of third parties who are not party to the contract
It is forbidden to transport children under the age of 12 on the rear seat of a motorcycle
All drivers and passengers are obliged to wear a protective helmet
The Renter is not entitled to leave the borders of Bulgaria without a green card and the express consent and written authorization of the Lessor. If the Renter wishes to travel abroad, he owes a one-time fee of EUR 40 to the Lessor for a green card and a power of attorney certifying the Lessor’s consent to leave Bulgaria with the rented motorcycle. If the Renter goes abroad with the rented motorcycle without the Lessor’s consent, he owes a fine of 250 Euros.

Damage notifications, Losses, Theft, Accidents:
The Renter bears full financial responsibility to the Lessor and to third parties and pays all damages and losses caused by him during the rental period. If an accident, damage or theft occurs, the Renter shall immediately notify the relevant police authorities and the Lessor, regardless of whose fault the event occurred, communicating all the facts and circumstances of the event and providing full assistance to the police, the insurance company and the lessor. The Renter is obliged to comply with the requirements of the road traffic law and to obtain a record of the occurrence of an incident by the respective police authorities and to draw up a bilateral protocol. The Renter must provide all known facts, circumstances, witnesses and data to the police and the Lessor for preparing a protocol. If the Renter fails to provide a record of the event, he bears full financial responsibility for any deficiencies and damage to the motorcycle.
In case of a damage, theft or accident the Renter owes a fee of 50 Euro to the Lessor for all administrative actions that have arisen as a result of the occurrence of the respective event. If the motorcycle is not in a shape of self-assurance, the Renter pays all the costs of transporting it to an authorized service or an office of the Lessee.
In case of replacement of the rented motorcycle due to damage caused by the fault of the Renter, he is obliged to pay all the transport costs of the new motorcycle and rental price for the repair period. reserves the right to refuse a replacement of a motorcycle if, depending on the circumstances, it is found that the Renter has violated the general terms and conditions of the rental agreement.
If the rented motorcycle fails to operate due to manufacturing defect or natural wear of any part, shall repair the motorcycle or replace it. If the Lessor do not have suitable motorcycle to replace the failed one or the renter refuses a replacement, the Lessor shall provide a transportation of the Renter to the point of returning the motorcycle as per the rental agreement and recover the rental cost for the remaining period, with no further compensation due.
If the motorcycle is returned with damage or loss, the insurance deposit is retained by and the motorcycle is sent for inspection to an authorized service center. Upon completion of the expertise, informs the Renter by e-mail about the value of the damages and issues an invoice for the amount of the repair costs. This amount is deducted from the insurance deposit and the remaining is refunded to the Renter. If the rented motorcycle is stolen when the Renter has not fulfilled its obligation under the contract to leave to the rented motorcycle only at secured and guarded parking places or garages at its own expense and under its own responsibility, he owes the full invoice value of the motorcycle.

Termination of the rental contract:
The rental contract is terminated upon expiry of the rental term and full fulfillment of the Renter’s obligations under it. If the Renter fails to perform the obligations under the contract, the Lessor have the right to unilaterally terminate the Contract, regardless of the term of the contract, without due to any financial damages or lost profits to the Renter. Upon termination of the contract, the Lessor is entitled to immediately take possession of the motorcycle.

General provisions:
The general Terms and Conditions are published on the website and may be modified at any time, and the changes are published online and are accessible to the Renter. By ticking “I agree with the terms and conditions” in the online application form, the Renter confirms that he reads, understands their content, agrees with them and officially accepts them. All disputes between the parties related to these terms and conditions must be resolved in a spirit of goodwill and mutual understanding, and if this is impossible, the dispute shall be resolved by the appropriate court. The applicable law for resolving disputes is the Bulgarian law.

The team of, its officers and its representatives are not responsible for any financial and judicial liability for damages arising or related to the actions of the Renter which may cause injury, death, property damage or other damages to the Renter, to his property, his family, other related persons or third parties. The team of, its officers and its representatives shall not be liable for any loss of profit, loss of revenue, loss or expense incurred by the Renter for which he is liable or paid, resulting in or resulting from use, inability to use or delays in the services of