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About us


Freedom, adventure, speed, practicality, journey, sharing, economy – these are the associations we relate to driving a bike.

We offer rental bikes, with which you can enjoy various sensations. Whether for the city, to be more mobile and independent, or a long way, feeling the scent of the places you are passing through, our desire is that the two-wheel drive becomes more popular and accessible on the roads of Bulgaria.

We love nature and we keep on the ecological way of traveling and transport. Following the trends that major European cities have set for limiting air pollution in terms of our health and that of our children, we are working to promote motor transport as an alternative to the ever-growing fleet of cities.

We believe that on the road everyone is equal, regardless of the gauge and the number of tires. Respect and tolerance among drivers is a major part of our business. We work towards respecting the rights of motorists and raising the awareness of other road users – especially drivers of light and commercial vehicles.

We have the ambition to offer a secure, satisfying and exciting service. We are glad that by renting a motorcycle we bring in your life movement, adventure and comfort. At the same time, our priority is the safety and road safety of all participants.